LWATCH Autumn Newsletter

LWATCH fall 2015 Newsletter

We’re happy to say we are alive and well despite the lack of updates from us. We’ve had a lot of exciting things happen in the last few months; we’ve had a couple babies born (congrats, JP and Matthew!), with a couple more on the way (congrats, Charley and Michael!), some hard work in the studio, and some successful shows & benefits. We’ve got a lot more in the works, as well!

We’d just like to take a quick moment to thank you, our fans and supporters. We love you (yes, even you) and are happy you are part of our big extended LWATCH family! You make it all possible! Thanks for your friendship and support all these years!11794365_844605262290065_410535717380499950_o

We are still working hard on our album. Neon Brown studios and LWATCH are still working on getting it sounding just right. We got some great special guests lined up – some old friends and some new ones. Once all the knobs have been twiddled just right, and all the loose ends are tied up, we’ll be sending it off to the presses! We are shooting to release sometime in the 1st or 2nd quarter of next year. We’ve got some exciting things going on and we can’t wait to share them with you!

We’ve got some other great things lined up, too:

We’re supporting Mikel Wright & the Wrongs on 11/28 at Harriet Brewing.MW & LWATCH If you enjoy music, beer, or a great brewpub atmosphere you’d be remiss to be absent. We’ve been wanting to play with these guys for a long while so it’s exciting to finally be able to share a stage with them. Plus, it’s Mike Periolat’s birthday, so come on down and give him the best birthday present there is: the pleasure of your company.

For you generous types, we’ve got another benefit coming up for a great organization we believe strongly in: Boom Boom’s Beds.  You’ve probably heard of them before; in fact this will be the second time we’ve played their annual Beds & Bluegrass benefit at the Bulldog.
E70259_BOOBO_-_Postcard_Portrait_LayoutThere’s probably some super witty alliteration thing we could be doing there – we’ll have our promotional team work something out for next year. You can get more information about this worthwhile event at, but come out to the downtown Bulldog 12/5 from 1-5pm to support a great cause. 

And if you have a later bedtime and like to celebrate anniversaries, LWATCH is playing 12/11 at the Turf Club with The Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank. It’s their 10th anniversary show in the cities – awesome! 12065924_10153437535809213_7382943131441756096_nThat’s twice as long as LWATCH has been around!

We’re fired up to be opening along with Woodblind.

Check out the deets here: http://turfclub.net/show/2015-12-hobo-nephews/

These are the good ole days! Until the next time!

Luke Warm and the Cool Hands